Caring for Your Flowers

To get the most from your flowers it is important to give them some TLC.

Hand-tied Bouquets and Traditional Flat Bouquets

With your flat bouquet you just need to remove your flowers from the decorative wrap, then arrange in your vase.

Then follow these care tips:

  • It is important to change the water in your presentation box or vase every 2 to 3 days. If the weather is very hot, you could change the water daily. Fresh flowers love cold water.
  • When you change your water, cut the ends of your flower stems, 2 or 3cms up, and cut at a 90 degree angle. This allows for more fresh water to travel up the flower stem. 
  • Make sure that no foliage is in the water. Give your vase a quick wash if any foliage is stuck to the glass. Foliage will rot in the water and it creates bacteria in the water that will make your flowers perish quicker.
  • Every few days, check you flowers and remove any leaves that are wilting, or any petals that may be turning brown. This not only makes your flowers prettier, but it also slows down any other pettals fading.
  • We would recommend taking your flowers out of the wrapping after a few days to allow the stems to breath, and clear away any decayed foliage.
Arrangements in Floral Foam

Whether it’s a vase arrangement, a basket arrangement, any type of prearranged flowers in floral foam, there is very little maintenance. Simply top up the foam with water every 2/3 days, again more frequently in hot weather or hotter homes. 

Because of their ease of care, floral foam arrangements are ideal for anyone who can not take care of cut flowers, or for gifts to places like nursing homes.

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